Empowering citizens to keep our clothing in active use for longer, through events, education and engagement.

WE WEAR THE TROUSERS is a not-for-profit organisation aimed at empowering people to keep our collective fashion and clothing resources in active use for longer.

Keeping our clothes in use for longer by mending, tending, swapping, sharing, styling, remaking or refashioning offers us ways to engage with FASHION that aren’t just buying new stuff. Which isn’t just great for our bank balance, it’s great for the planet!

The most sustainable garment is the one we already own

Environmental Audit Committee, 2019

We want to encourage people to enjoy keeping and caring for our clothing, not only because keeping clothes in active use for longer reduces the environmental impact of our wardrobes, but because it teaches us to think differently about what fashion is, and how we can enjoy it.

The fashion industry has bamboozled many of us into thinking that the only way we can participate in fashion is by buying new clothes. We’re here to remind everyone that actually, fashion has very little to do with shopping and everything to do with connection, community, creativity, and joy!

We imagine a future where we celebrate using and wearing the clothes we already own just as much as we enjoy buying new ones. But we need to create that future together.

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